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Fernox F3 Cleaner 500ml

Fernox F3 Cleaner 500ml

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Fernox F3 Cleaner is an effective, universal pH neutral cleaner. It removes sludge, scale and debris from existing central heating systems to restore heating efficiency and eliminate boiler noise.

When commissioning new systems in accordance with BS7593:2006, Fernox F3 Cleaner removes flux residues and other debris to help extend the life of the boiler and the efficiency of the system. It is ideal for use when powerflushing to accelerate the cleaning process. Available in 500ml liquid bottle, 280ml Express aerosol canister and 290ml gel cartridge formats. It is a non- hazardous product which is compatible with all metals commonly used in heating systems.

  • Neutral universal cleaner for pre-commissioning new systems in accordance with BS7593:2006
  • Removes sludge, limescale and other debris to restore heating efficiency of existing systems
  • When used in conjunction with Protector F1 gas savings of up to 15% can be achieved every time you heat your room
  • Compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in heating systems
  • Easy to use, system can be left running normally during cleaning
  • Suitable for use with all known powerflushing machines
  • pH Neutral, non-hazardous formula (COSHH rated zero)

You can also get F3 in convenient express version, enabling quick and simple application in 30 seconds.

Application and Dosage of Fernox F3 Cleaner
One 500ml bottle of Fernox F3 Cleaner is sufficient to clean a typical domestic central heating system (average 3 to 4 bedroom house or 100 litres). Additional/repeat applications of Cleaner F3 may be necessary for larger systems, or if systems are heavily sludged. First drain and refill the entire system with plain water. For optimum results the entire system, including drop feed radiators where fitted, should be completely drainable. Preferably, full bore gate valves with hose connectors should be provided temporarily for this purpose. Motorised and thermostatically controlled valves must be set so that no part of the system is closed off during cleansing or rinsing. Discharges must be made to the foul drain and not the surface water drain.

Physical Properties
Colour: Dark amber
Odour: Faint
Form: Liquid
pH (conc): 7.0 – 7.5
pH (0.5% soln) 7.5 – 7.8
SG: 1.20 @ 20°

Packaging, Handling and Storage
Fernox Cleaner F3 is supplied in 500 ml containers. Fernox F3 Cleaner is not classified as hazardous but, as with all chemicals, care should be taken. Do not mix with any other chemicals other than Fernox products stated. Keep out of the reach of children.

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