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Fernox Magnetic Scale Reducer

Fernox Magnetic Scale Reducer

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The Fernox Magnetic Scale Reducer is suited to single appliance protection and is most notably used to protect the boiler against the damaging effects of scale. Only 15mm version available.

The Fernox Magnetic Scale Reducer is easily connected onto 15mm pipework and requires no further maintenance. The positive effects of the inclusion of this product on a system continue for up to 10 years, dependent on water usage levels.

  • An in-line scale reducer to prevent the build-up of scale using magnetic principles
  • Single appliance protection
  • A brass, nickel plated unit
  • No maintenance
  • Lasts for up to 10 years*
  • WRAS approved product
  • No need for an earth bond strap

Best practice also encourages the use of a Fernox Magnetic Scale Reducer on all new boiler installations as the reduction of scale will lead to longer life of system components.

Part L of the Building Regulations (England and Wales)
Part L of the Building Regulations (England and Wales) states that in hard water areas which exceed 200ppm, provision should be made to treat feed water to water heaters and hot water circuits of combination boilers to reduce the rate of limescale formation as well as limiting its harmful effects on energy efficiency. One way to comply with this legislation is to install a Fernox Magnetic Scale Reducer.

Another would be to install either the Monarch Water Scaleout XP. The Scaleout XP is unique in that it not only prevents the formation of limescale it also aids the breakdown and removal of existing scale within a components on a system.

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