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Flamco Flexconsole Plus - 27996

Flamco Flexconsole Plus - 27996

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Flexconsole Plus 3/4 for exp.vessels 8-25L

A complete product for hanging expansion vessels up to 25 litres attached to the water supply and to the wall.

The Flamco Flexconsole Plus is as per the conventional Flexconsole but includes the accessories to make this the one stop pressure vessel mounting solution. The complete kit contains the following products, making this a great value addition to any heating installation:

Flamco Flexconsole Plus Technical Specifications
This product comes supplied with:

  • Flexcon pressure gauge (0 - 4 bar) with shut off valve
  • Flexvent 3/8 floatvent with shut off valve
  • Safety valve ½" (set pressure: 3 bar)
  • Flexfast quick-release coupling
  • Fixing set.

The Flexconsole console comes equipped with a wall plate with two slots for accurate wall mounting.

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