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Flamco Flexfast 3/4 - 27920

Flamco Flexfast 3/4 - 27920

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This isolating union makes it possible to check quickly and easily if a Flexcon expansion vessel is still working correctly (gas charge) or if it needs to be replaced.

Easy to assemble with the right tools; then just screw in the components by hand. Enable you to change the vessel without having to release pressure or drain the system. Saves a considerable amount of time when servicing a Flexcon vessel.

Technical Specifications

Minimum/Maximum working temperature: -10 °C / 90 °C (continuous).
Working pressure: 0 - 10 bar.
Suitable for addition of glycol-based anti-freeze up to 50%. Material: Brass.

Connection / Dimension
A R 34"
B G 34" F
C 68mm
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