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Flamco Prescor 3/4 - 27025

Flamco Prescor 3/4 - 27025

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27025 - Prescor 3/4 - 3.0 bar

For sealed central heating and chilled water (cooling) installations. The valve opens when the pressure increases excessively.

Prescor safety valves have a special shape which, not only achieves a perfect seal, but also provides a large blow off capacity. The valve seal is made of high quality rubber which is heat resistant to 140 °C and where the hardness of the rubber adjusts to the set pressure of the safety valve. In this way, the valve cannot stick to the seat.

All valves are tested before they leave our facility and are available for heating and cooling installations as well as for protection of various hot water storage appliances. For safety valves for potable water installations see "Accessories for Sanitary Installations".

Specially designed pop action for full discharge at opening pressure to reduce the pressure quickly. High quality materials and state-of-the-art design features guarantee a high degree of safety. CE-conformity mark (PED 2014/68/EU), for application areas according to Pressure Equipment Directive. The opening pressure of all valves is individually tested.

A Rp 34"
B Rp 34"
C 70.9mm
D 49.2mm
F 23.5mm
G 30.5mm

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