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Flamco T-plus 15 x G 1/2 M - 90515

Flamco T-plus 15 x G 1/2 M - 90515

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The T-plus is specially designed to create perfect branches quickly and easily, whilst the system remains in operation.

The design of the T-plus is unique and responds precisely to the requirements of installers and their customers. The combination of a plunger, striking pin and a trigger sets the new standard in the creation of branches for systems in operation.

The new branching mechanism (the trigger) means perfect installation everywhere, everytime. Once the pin is removed, the charge ignites and the striking pin shoots straight forward. This makes a clean cut in the pipe creating the branch. This makes it possible to make branches even where there is little available space. There is no need to use a hammer any more.

Areas of application

Central heating and cooling installations.

Potable installations.

Solar installations.

Fire protection systems.

Industrial applications such as compressed air systems.
The brass version is for copper pipes, thin-walled steel tubes and stainless-steel pipes.

Saves installation time and costs.

Create branches while the system is still in operation.

Draining is not necessary, so no air and dirt can get into the system.

A perfect branch every time due to the trigger.

Easy to create a branch, even where space is restricted.

Optimum pipe seal.

Anti-corrosion coating.

Single use (one shot) trigger mechanism. The trigger is included with the T-plus.

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