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Flamco Xstream Vent-Clean

Flamco Xstream Vent-Clean

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The Flamco Xstream Vent-Clean is an effective combination of both air and dirt separator.

From an installation perspective, it is always preferable to install a separate air and dirt separator.

In installations where it is difficult to install both a Flamco XStream Vent and Clean, the Flamco XStream Vent-Clean is the ideal solution.

The Flamco Xstream Vent-Clean haxs a unique ECO/ MAX mode.

In the ECO mode a part of the system water (partial flow) is led through the Flamco XStream.

In the MAX mode all the system water is led through the Flamco XStream.

  • Up to 15% less energy consumption of the heating system.*
  • Up to 6% more efficiency of the heating system.*
  • The unit is 360 degree rotatable for ease of installation.
  • No account needs to be taken of the flow direction of the installation. This prevents installation errors.
  • Insulation is an integral part of the design of the Flamco XStream. This reduces heat losses to a minimum. The intergrated service indicator indicates when the system was last flushed/vented in the MAX mode.
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