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Flexcon PA pressurisation assistant - 23760

Flexcon PA pressurisation assistant - 23760

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The Flamco Flexcon PA pressurisation assistant is used to monitor heating systems and to assist the installer and end-user with pressure maintenance. The Flexcon PA logs and alerts when pressurisation problems occur and assists in (or control) topping-up the heating system to the correct working pressure. It can also advise on expansion vessel life expectancy without disconnecting the vessel and you can configure monitoring on maintenance intervals for third party components. The Flexcon PA comes with a smartphone/tablet application for advanced and complete delivery of system status and guided maintenance advice.

Eliminates unscheduled service call-outs for nuisance failures caused by pressure loss in the system, increasing comfort for end customers.

Monitoring of fill pressure, safety valve discharges, expansion vessel end of life span and scheduled maintenance intervals of any components.

The mobile app enables end customers to share event logs with their installer for remote support.

The Flexcon PA gives the installer eyes on site to see how the installation's pressurisation is functioning.

Technical Specifications
Suitable for heating systems up to 40,000 l and for addition of glycol-based anti-freeze up to 50%.
Can be combined with Flamconnect Remote. (Please check your local sales office for availability.)
Power supply: 5V AC/DC adapter.
Working system temperature: 0 °C / 90 °C.
Working ambient temperature: 0 °C / 40 °C.
Working system pressure up to 3.5 bar.
Flow rate (filling): 0.7 m3 / hour.
Design pressure: PN 6.

A 54mm
B 71mm
C 22mm
E 63mm

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