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Flexofit S shock arrestor 1/2 - 24980

Flexofit S shock arrestor 1/2 - 24980

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Flexofit Super absorbs water hammer in order to minimize noise and damage to the system.

A water hammer arrestor absorbs the wave of pressure before it can develop into water hammer. The Flexofit Super does this by having two areas that are separated by a rubber diaphragm. On one side, there is a gas cushion under pressure, while the other side is in connected to the system. The gas cushion compresses and absorbs the wave of pressure.

Technical Specifications
Maximum working pressure: 10.0 bar (peak load: 40.0 bar).
Maximum working temperature: 90 °C.
Capacity: 160 cm3.
Solid brass, chromium plated housing.
Membrane: butyl rubber.
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