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Flowpro FP250 Shower waste water Pump

Flowpro FP250 Shower waste water Pump

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  • FlowPro FP250 Macerator for Showers

    The FlowPro FP250 Macerator is suitable for use with the following:

    • Basin
    • Shower
    • Bidet

    ✔ Quiet technology
    ✔ Compact, neat and unobtrusive

    Watts (Consumption) 250w
    Electrical Supply 220-240V 50Hz
    Flow rate at max head L/min 120 L/min
    Horizontal Discharge 100 metres
    Vertical Discharge 10 metres
    Discharge Pipe 22mm / 28mm 
    Inlet Pipe 2x40mm
    Water Temperature Min 1ºC / Max 65ºC
    IP Rating IPX7

    *2 year guarantee when installed/used correctl

  • Pumps up to 10m Vertical and 100m Horizontal
  • For any combination of Shower, Basin, Bidet
  • 250W
  • 2 x 40mm Inlets
  • 22/28mm Discharge Pipe
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