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Flowpro FP400B Macerator

Flowpro FP400B Macerator

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Flowpro FP400B Macerator for Toilet & Bathroom

The Flowpro FP400B is a waste removal macerator designed for use in Domestic situations only and can be used in conjunction with a WC, basin, shower and or bath.
It has a top elbow outlet meaning that this is unit a like for like pipework replacement to the popular Planus Broysan 4 models that also used the same top outlet pipework.
Flowpro FP400B has 2 inlets and an option 3rd outlet which can be adapted from the lid.
The Pump has been designed to pump away the waste from toilet and other sanitary appliances quickly and quietly.
The pump for toilets comprises an electric pump(D) that is automatically controlled by a float switch(C).
The discharge action is triggered when the flushing system is actuated, as with a conventional toilet.

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