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Macerator Cleaner

Macerator Cleaner

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Macerator Cleaner and Descaler contains a super effective descaler to eliminate the large amounts of limescale and grime which can accumulate whithout a regular cleaning schedule in place, casuing macertaors to work less efficiently and give off an unpleasant odour.

Its multipurpose formula means that Macerator Cleaner and descaler can be used safely in pump units, toilets and urinals. It is powerful enough to clean and descale household or public facilities. Macertaor Cleaner and Descaler can be used as a general toilet fluid to clean and descale the inside and outside of toilets and urinals!

Directions for Use

Disconnect your macerator from its power supply.

Pour 2.5 litres of Macerator Cleaner & Descaler into the toilet bowl.

Turn on the macerator pump for a few seconds to allow the product to enter the macerator. Turn off the macerator and leave the product to work for 2 hours. DO NOT FLUSH THE TOILET DURING THIS TIME.

Reconnect the power supply after 2 hours and flush the toilet to rinse. For the general cleaning of toilets and urinals, apply the product neat, scrub with a toilet brush as necessary and flush the toilet.

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