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TF1 Sigma HP Filter

TF1 Sigma HP Filter

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Specifically designed to protect Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps, the TF1 Sigma HP Filter efficiently removes all types of debris from renewable heating systems using patent pending technology. The innovative TF1 Sigma HP Filter does not restrict flow, even at high flow rates, and will not block, ensuring the COP (co-efficient of performance) of the system is maintained thereby reducing energy consumption and fuel wastage. Simple and fast to install, the TF1 Sigma HP Filter is supplied with full bore valves as standard, which results in improved system performance, and greater energy efficiency.

  • Efficient, high-performance filter, specifically designed for Air and Ground Source Heat Pump systems.
  • The TF1 Sigma HP Filter utilises a unique filtration technology which is extremely effective at high flow rates and across a range of debris types to ensure the system remains free of contaminants.
  • A durable and robust construction, the TF1 Sigma HP Filter is made from a high-quality glass reinforced engineering polymer with brass full bore valves as standard.
  • Convenient to clean and quick to service via the drain valve, the TF1 Sigma HP Filter does not require system shutdown or for the filter to be disassembled, resulting in less time spent on site as part of the annual maintenance.
  • Easy to install, this sealed filter allows for horizontal and vertical installation orientations.
  • Market- leading pressure differential values, ensuring the Heat Pump works at maximum COP.
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