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Zeparo ZUCM

Zeparo ZUCM

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The Zeparo ZUCM is a low loss header bar designed for the venting and separation of micro bubbles, sludge and magnetite within heating, solar and cooling water systems whilst also performing its main role as a low loss header. The helistill separator makes the Zeparo ZUCM incredibly efficient all within a much smaller footprint than some of its rivals. The available insulation jacket finishes this product off perfectly. This product is gaining more and more popularity within the plumbing and heating engineering community.

Technical description

Heating, solar and chilled water systems.

Non-aggressive and non-toxic system media.
Addition of antifreeze agent up to 50%.

Max. admissible pressure, PS: 10 bar
Min. admissible pressure, PSmin: 0 bar

Max. admissible temperature, TS: 110 °C
Min. admissible temperature, TSmin: -10 °C


Transportation and storage:
In frostless, dry places.

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